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Exercise Wednesday: Consider your personal archeology

September 25, 2013

By Peggy Miller

Not to be morbid, but what will be left of you?  And more to the point, what will it mean?
Phillip Larkin said “What will survive us is love.”
I think what will survive me is my library of poetry
and the junk in my junk drawer
and no one to make explanations.
You may find it interesting to think about what will survive you.  The objects and particularly the abstracts.
Write a poem about these things.
Maybe you will make the explanations.  Maybe you will leave things to be wondered about.


Peggy Miller, an editor with The Comstock Review, has an MFA from American University. She has conducted poetry workshops for over 15 years. Her collections include What the Blood Knows was published in 2007 and Stone Being in 2009, both from Custom Words. Peggy has published a chapbook, Martha Contemplates the Universe, Frith Press, and a Greatest Hits chapbook from Pudding House. Visit her on Facebook.


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