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Exercise Wednesday: A conference of professionals

October 9, 2013

Hey! The conference is ANY FREAKIN’ MINUTE! Here’s the deal, just to get yourself acclimated and to help you make the most of your fabulous three (or four) days, I suggest you send your main character in ahead of you! Write a series of scenes that feature your MC at a professional conference that would interest her. If she’s an artist, it might be a weekend-long symposium on making a living in the arts. If she rides horses, maybe she heads over to Germany for Equitana (look it up–it’s AWESOME), or maybe she’s a Star Wars buff. How fun would THAT be?

Wherever you take her, allow her to interact with other attendees–for better or for worse.

The countdown has begun . . .
Have fun! And I’ll see you ANY FREAKIN’ MINUTE!
Jamie Morris,
Director of Woodstream Writers


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