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Exercise Wednesday on Saturday: Oops, I did it again…

October 12, 2013

Industry News: it’s tradition and you don’t turn your back on tradition, young man!

Okay, so there was supposed to be a post about industry news here. I promised. It’s tradition. And yet, this is not industry news. Sigh. There’s a reason for that–I goofed up and forgot.

In the words of Master Yoda, “When 900 years old you turn (okay, it’s really not that old but I worked out hard yesterday and now I’m really sore), remember everything you will not.”

Everyone screws up. I suspect even Jesus forgot to pick something up at the shopkeeper’s on the way home. (Forgetting is not a sin, or there would be no hope for men to attain heaven. Ask their wives.)

So today’s prompt capitalizes on my failure. In it, your character forgets something, or screws something up. Whatever he or she forgot or goofed up, is significant, but maybe not life altering. But it has to have some sort of consequence.

What does your character do? Does he or she admit to the mistake, direct attention away, blame someone else? Of does he or she figure out a way to turn the mistake into a positive–for instance, writing a stellar exercise prompt based on his forgetting to do the proper follow up?

Whatever, your character has to deal with the aftermath of a screw up.

Start writing.

Time limit: 20 minutes.


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