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Exercise Wednesday: The dismembered hand dream

October 30, 2013

I once woke from a dream in which I was being grabbed by dismembered hands. Why I dreamed I was being grabbed by dismembered hands, who knows? But I remember waking from the dream terrified…and disappointed.

After all, dismembered hands are cool and all they can do is grab you. What are they going to do after they have hold of you? They can’t pull you down. All they can do is grab you some more, and if they haven’t been squeezing a tennis ball, it’s not likely to hurt.

I wanted to know why the dismembered hands were grabbing me and what their plan was once they had me. In fact, as I look back, I’m kind of disappointed I didn’t ask them that.

Me: Okay, you got me. Now what are you going to do?

Hands: Oh, crap. Good point. No one’s ever asked us that before.

Today, being the day before Halloween, your job is to write a scary scene with a twist–like me asking the dismembered hands what they now intended to do.

Another example is the Bunnies from Hell scene from the old Summer School movie (featuring a pre-Gibbs Mark Harmon), in which a stock teen movie horror scene is stood on its head to become an attempt to gain a beautiful girl’s affections.

That’s the type of twist I’m talking about. Something so unexpected, it’s not even in the same area code of the expected.

No pressure there, right?

Time limit: 45 minutes


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