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When the tank is empty

November 15, 2013

As I write this, I am out of ideas. I’m starting a new…something, and I’m stuck at that. And with the blog, each day offers a rich opportunity for…something.

Problem is, there’s nothing in my head to add to either of those things. I don’t even really have a fitness or baseball metaphor.

Weird, ain’t it?

So what do you do when you have a day like that? You write anyway. Maybe not something on your work in progress. Maybe not a short story. Maybe you just start on an empty page and see where it takes you.

The key, obviously, is to write something. Anything. And then to go from there.

Maybe by virtue of what you’re writing, you’ll get unstuck on that…something you’re writing that might turn into a novel someplace. If nothing else, maybe you’ll figure something out about one of your characters.

And maybe whatever you write will turn into something. Actually, this is one of the reasons writing prompts are so awesome. They allow your unconscious brain the chance to take center stage and run rampant, taking your writing someplace you didn’t expect it to go.

Maybe it will be just completely horrible. In that case, who cares? No one has to see it.

Or maybe it will turn into the best thing you’ve ever written.

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  1. November 15, 2013 7:55 pm

    Ah, Chris. You just proved yourself wrong. The “tank” ain’t empty if you write about the empty tank.

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