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When you work hard and nothing gets done

November 18, 2013

So yesterday at work, I accomplished absolutely NOTHING.

Really. Nothing.

Aw come on, Chris. That’s like a skinny person complaining how fat they are or you whining about how you’re out of shape.

No, really, I…awww, thanks. But honestly, I accomplished nothing.

I logged into our intranet and tried to get into the program I’m responsible for, but it wouldn’t load, so I put a ticket in. Then I asked someone else if they could get in, and they could. No problem. Then I noticed some other odd things with my web browser. Then I went to technical support. Yes, I had (scream!) malware.

They suggested that I should have a scan run on my laptop, except they didn’t know how long that would take.

Sure, go for it.

Two hours and four minutes later, I found out I would need to have my disk re-imaged.

That means I get to keep all my data, but lose all but the most basic programs my employer puts on everyone’s computer. Anything extra required for me to complete my work has to be re-installed. That took four hours.

So I got to get on calls where everyone was looking at a file and look at whatever was outside the window, which is sort of like taking Stevie Wonder to the National Portrait Gallery. To say I was useless on those calls is an insult. To useless people.

At the end of the day–almost literally–I got my computer back, was moderately useful on a call and started the reinstallation process for some of the software I needed.

Because I was useless all day, I was annoyed. And because I was annoyed, I was kind of tired at the end of the day, even though I accomplished absolutely nothing.

Ever have a writing day like that? Not where you keep checking Facebook when you should be writing, but when you sit down to write and actually write words down and still nothing happens because other things happen that you just. can’t. ignore?

I feel your pain.

Just turn the page and write something today.

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  1. November 19, 2013 8:38 pm

    Ack! I just had this happen to me several times in a row in the months of August & September. Hope it all get straightened out.

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