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Do it every day because you’ll inspire others

November 25, 2013

As my time in the chair winds down, a certain amount of introspection has started to creep in. It’s only natural as you look back over things.

When I first started doing this on a daily basis, the mantra was that new content was the best. It had to be good, but it should be consistently good. It should be a daily thing, if possible. So I wrote, for the most part, something to post every single day. And people would say, I don’t know how you do that.

But lately, in comments both here and verbally at the conference, the tone has changed a little bit. It’s gone from I don’t know how you do that to That’s really inspired me to write.

To the first point, you have to believe in the process. You have to believe that when you sit down and put your fingers on the keyboard, something will come. It also helps to have a little bit of a buffer built up. It’s far easier to put some content out when you have a couple of weeks of content already scheduled. It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to the keyboard with an open day looming ahead of me and no clue what I was going to write.

So I sit down, let thoughts wander a little, and then something occurs to me. And while it’s been hairy getting there sometimes, it’s happened every single time.

To the second point, the inspiration–thank you. I’m glad to have contributed a little. And now it’s time for you to contribute. It’s time for you to pay it forward.

If you produce something every day, if writing becomes a part of your fabric, you will inspire others, too. Just the act of constructively using your gifts on a regular basis–every day, inspires others.

It’s been true with this blog and it’s also been true with the workouts I post every day after I do them. I’ve had people tell me It really inspires me when I see that you’ve worked out every day.

So do your writing and post it. It will help your writery friends out.


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