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Out-Of-The-Box Marketing

December 8, 2013

By Cheyenne Knopf

CheyenneWell one blog post down, this one can’t be that hard, right?

As a kid I loved to play with my Jack-In-The-Box.  Turning and turning the handle until the little clown popped out.  I want you to be the little clown when looking at marketing options, always look outside of the box.

While a bookstore is a great option for selling your book, you’re competing with tons of authors.  Instead of a bookstore look at a hospital gift shop.  There are normally minimal titles at a gift shop and hospitals always have family members and patients who appreciate a new option for passing time.

If you have a book that is easy to gift, maybe something inspirational or a joke book, you could look to have a few put into a florist shop.  This would be a surprising addition to the recipient’s bouquet.

When thinking outside of the box, don’t forget all the wonderful festivals we have in Florida.  You can always find general shows(an arts festival) and niche shows(like the Southern Women’s Show).

Marketing is a numbers game.  You always want to look at the best opportunity for sales (high traffic), with the least amount of cost.  This will provide you the highest profit margin.

Good luck with your marketing ventures!

Hope to see each of you in January at the Mid Winter Conference West.


About the Author:

Cheyenne Knopf is the Marketing Manager at OnLineBinding. Prior to helping authors achieve their dream of having their book completed, she worked for 8 years as a corporate banker specializing in Treasury Management. Her banking career gives her a unique edge in helping authors understand the business side of writing.



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