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A cool literary gift

December 27, 2013

Much of our Christmas is done at this point–though because of families and locations, we still have more to do–yay! So far, the coolest gift of the year, maybe the coolest gift of every year, is something my daughter got. Here’s a picture:

It’s a…poster. With a nice frame. I mean, I like the kind of minimalist approach to it, just the two colors and the white. And the way the colors seem to be dots or something. It’s nice. But…coolest gift ever? I’m not so sure.

Oh, but wait, there’s more. Those aren’t dots that the shapes are made out of. They’re words.

And they aren’t just any words. They’re the words that form the first half of Pride and Prejudice. (The original, not the one with zombies.) Take a closer look…

If you don’t like Pride and Prejudice, there are 120 other titles from which to choose, including The Art of War, The Bible, and, on the other end of spectrum, The Kama Sutra. The poster my daughter got included a little more than the first third of the book. You could get the first third, or, if you really wanted to, the entire book on a 36″ x 54″ print. You can also get t-shirts and totes. For more information, see

How about you? Did you get any exciting writery gifts?

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  1. December 27, 2013 5:02 pm

    This poster looks amazing, Chris! (Yes, I’m a Jane Austen fan.)

    I received “writery gifts” of pens, pencils, and notebooks–all in teal tones–from friends and family, plus a copy of “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars” by Ian Doescher. Sci fi in iambic pentameter!

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