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Exercise Wednesday on Saturday: Fall on your knees

December 28, 2013

Wednesday was, well, you know, kind of a holiday or something, so we’re bumping the weekly writing prompt to today. And today’s prompt comes from a song you may have heard over the past few weeks, O, Holy Night. My favorite version is by The Brian Setzer Orchestra (he used to be the lead singer for The Stray Cats).

In any version worth listening to, the words fall on your knees, o hear the angel voices is a powerful passage in the song. And it got me to thinking about what might make someone fall on their knees–other than general klutziness.

In the context of the song, for me, fall on your knees has two possible meanings. First, God, the creator of everything, is here, and there’s a certain amount of humility and homage that goes along with that. Alternatively, God, the creator of everything, who is responsible for everything, decided to take human form so he could come and hang with us and find out what it’s really like to be one of his people. If you buy into that approach, the love required for him to put aside Godhood is astounding, something that, if you considered it, might make you fall on your knees.

And then I thought of other images of people falling on their knees in triumph, defeat, or almost any other reason.

Today’s exercise: Write a scene in which one of your characters is brought to their knees. Why? What’s the emotion involved? It is triumph? Defeat? Agony? An unfortunate rendezvous between their crotch and the business end of a golf club?

Time limit: 30 minutes


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