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How to make 2014 awesome and legendary

January 1, 2014

The year’s winding down, which means in a few short days, there’s a whole new open book waiting for you to etch the words on the page. It’s a do-over, a chance to take all the goals you put down to accomplish this year, and take another shot at it. Maybe you’ve accomplished everything, so the new year is a chance to use this year as a baseline and exceed what you pushed yourself to.

Maybe you fell short, in which case, you have another year of experience and wisdom to pump into your writing efforts in 2014.

Whatever the case, as you mark the last few days of this year, the time is right to think about what you want to accomplish next year, then put together a plan for next year.

If it helps, here are my goals:

  • Get published in the 2014 FWA Collection again, ideally with a top-ten entry.
  • Become a finalist for short stories or novels in this year’s Royal Palm Literary Awards competition, and ideally win.
  • Get one of my short stories published.
  • Complete the novel I’m currently working on.
  • Use my writing to create and sustain a general interest blog and a fitness-related blog (neither off them publishing every day).

I backed off on a couple goals from least year. For instance, last year, I said I wanted to win the Royal Palm Literary Competition. In reality, that’s not up to me. I became a finalist, and wrote the best short story I’m capable of writing. Two of the three judges dug it, but the third was lukewarm on it. I can’t control that. I can just write the best short story possible, and I did it with that one (and help from my writing partner).

But in terms of writing, I’m committed to making 2014 the best year of my writing life. It’s going to be an avalanche of awesome.


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  1. January 2, 2014 5:58 pm

    “An avalanche of awesome.” I like that!

    May we all strive for such snowstorms of success in 2014! (Notwithstanding Florida weather patterns …)

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