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Exercise Wednesday: I hurt myself today

January 8, 2014

As I write this, my body aches. My shoulder is really sort and the left side of my face is a little tender if you touch it. The muscle on the inside of my right forearm feels like someone injected it with mild acid. My shoulders feel like a serially pressed a Volkswagen yesterday. And my abs feel like my midsection was used as a tackling dummy.

When I first got out of bed this morning, I moved like the Tin Man–if he were left out in the rain and not well oiled.

And I feel fantastic. You see, yesterday was Tough Mudder–the one day of the year when I refuse to even consider acting my age and run through dumpsters full of ice water; a very long trough of deep, think mud; and a dumpster full of ice water. And I pay to do all this in exchange for a t-shirt you can’t buy, a head band, and a free glass of beer. (The video below is from last year and those are live electrical wires.)

So I feel great.

However, someone watching me move this morning right out of bed wouldn’t know that to look at me.

So today’s prompt is to write about someone who’s hurt, but to add a twist. Maybe they’re hurt and they feel great because they, like me, pay money to be physically abused. Maybe they completed some sort of a quest that left them sore and fulfilled. Or maybe they’re devastated beyond the pain you first see by something else.

Whatever it is, today your job is to write the rest………………..of the story.

Time: 30 minutes


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