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Exercise Wednesday: New

January 15, 2014

Everyone’s been there somehow–the first time with something new. It could be a new car, the nicest one you’ve ever had. Or maybe it’s the first day in your new apartment or house. Or maybe it’s the first time in your new dorm room with your new roommate. Or perhaps it’s the first day at your new school, a real school with real teachers and homework, rather than the day care you used to call “school.”

Or maybe it’s the first time you’re with that new boyfriend or girl friend. Maybe on your first date. Or maybe after that date or a subsequent date, either soon after, or maybe years after your first meeting.

But it’s January and new, so today’s writing prompt is to write about your character’s experience with something new. New isn’t always better. Sometimes it’s awkward or difficult. Sometimes it’s less than the old. Sometimes it’s something you couldn’t possibly earn. And sometimes it’s even meaningless.

Today write about something new through your character’s viewpoint.

Time limit: 20 minutes, if you hit this straight on; 45 minutes if new isn’t better.


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