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The Devil’s in the Details–Taking Your Fiction to Higher Level

February 3, 2014

Change in plans today. Due to circumstances beyond control, our regular contributor today was unable to post their blog. Instead I bring you an interesting post I came across regarding research. Enjoy!


Kristen Lamb's Blog

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There are a few common reasons most of us become writers: 1) We are not normal. Let it go. The Normal Ship sailed long ago while we were bartering for a cheaper price on a t-shirt and souvenir shot glass 2) We hopefully like to read and probably need a 12 Step Program for our book habit 3) We are Masters of “Things Few Know and Fewer Care About” 4) We are  pathological liars born storytellers.

This aside, just because we are born to write doesn’t mean we’re any good, especially in the beginning. I use this analogy. We could see some gal at a club who can really dance. She has great moves. This doesn’t mean she’s automatically qualified to tour with Katy Perry. Training (lots of it) and practice (more of it) and discipline (whoa, crap, even MORE of that) is required to go pro.

Today I…

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  1. February 4, 2014 11:03 am

    I found this blog to be very interesting, and informative. My genre is Historical Fiction, so before I begin writing my story I start researching via the internet, and libraries. Reading your blog, I wanted to see if I had missed any tricks to research, and if I was doing it correctly, which I seemed to have done. I enjoy the research process almost as much as the writing. Every time I think I’ve learned alI I can about my chosen time frame, I find a new gem that I had missed before. It’s like going on a treasure Hunt, never knowing what you’ll find. So far I’ve researched 1961 Florida Panhandle for my book “Fire Within”, and the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, “Goodbye Danube” which tells about a family’s escape, and settlement in New Jersey. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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