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Prompting Poetry: Memories

February 24, 2014

Good morning! Peggy Miller has sent another prompt that will hopefully get the pen moving (or keys tapping). Enjoy and please feel free to share with us if this moved your muse.

We all carry maps and memories in our heads from childhood, and our dreams might even contain rooms, sometimes jumbled, from our childhood homes.  Write a poem about one room in your childhood that you remember well.  What do you remember of the room?  You may imagine or remember something happening there. Keep your poem short, 15 lines or less, and focus on a single image and the mood it evokes.

Peggy Miller

About Peggy: Peggy Miller is a poet.  She has an MFA in creative writing from American University.  She serves as one of the editors of the Comstock Review, a longstanding poetry journal.  Peggy leads poetry workshops.  Her books include  What the Blood Knows and Stone Being.  A new book, The Science of Silence, is forthcoming through FootHills Publishing.  Peggy was a research assistant working in biochemistry for the USDA.  Her poetry is often inspired by the sciences, the fascination evoked thereof,the transcendent spirit in everyday lives.

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