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Exercise Wednesday: Spring

March 5, 2014

In Florida, spring is an underappreciated blessing. After all, we don’t have the dead time between Christmas and that first glimpse of grass in the back yard. We don’t turn on spring training games as much to see people on actual grass as to see the baseball. We don’t have cabin fever here.

But spring is all about rebirth (it’s not a coincidence that Easter is a spring holiday).

Today’s exercise is to write about the rebirth that comes with spring. What you write should, ideally, be set in spring. It should also include a first hint of rebirth–not only the possibility that things won’t get any worse–but the idea that it’s going to get better. It’s about the first hint that your character’s gonna make it.

And, of course, there’s the FWA Collection (First Steps). For more information, click here.

Time limit: 30 minutes

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