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Exercise Wednesday: What Kate Stole

March 19, 2014

Previously on LOST…

(Okay, not LOST, but work with me. It’s a theme.)

Last week, we developed a list of things that your character had in the glove compartment of the car he or she was driving. (Once again, the car he or she is driving–not necessarily his or her car.)

This week, we’re going to put that list to use. Let’s pretend, for the purposes of illustration, your character’s name is Kate. One of the items in the glove compartment (or purse or saddlebag or whatever) isn’t something she owns. She may or may not have stolen it. Maybe it was given to her. Maybe she found it. But she didn’t buy or earn it.

Pick one of the items you listed last week and write a story about how your character interacts with that item. (She doesn’t have to be named Kate, either.)

Time limit: 30 minutes


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