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Exercise Wednesday: Coveting thy neighbor’s spouse

March 26, 2014

It’s late March and the temperatures are starting to rise from the brutal tundra-like Florida winter we’ve just experienced. (Yes, that would be sarcasm.)

So today, we’re going to heat things up a little bit. Today, we’re going Commandment breaking, picking an action that simultaneously breaks both the sixth and tenth commandments. That’s to say, today, your character is going to covet and perhaps consummate an inappropriate relationship with a neighbor’s (or co-worker’s or friend’s or relative’s) spouse.

(If you’re grossed out, I’m talking in-laws here.)

(Or maybe I’m not. You decide.)

It’s not the act here that’s the key, though there’s certainly a lot of chance for character exploration in the act. But it’s what’s around the act. Why did these two characters decide take an action that would be calamitous if it were discovered? Are they hideous people? Are they hurt? Is there an outside action that’s pushed them together in a way that makes the attraction unbearable?

Do they go through with the act? Or do they stop at the last minute?

If they go through with the act, do they think about the effects on their marriages? Their kids (if there are any)? Are they mournful about it? Are they blase? Are they spiteful?

And where are they? In a hotel? In the back of a car? Or are they defiling one or the other’s marital bed?

No matter what, this prompt has the potential to expose new things about your character.

In, you know, multiple ways.


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  1. March 26, 2014 10:14 am

    Chris- I’ve recently been hooked into reading your Exercise Wednesday posts…I’m not a writer but I come read them just for your wit and sarcasm! I also find myself plotting the stories in my head through the day. Thanks a bunch for the craziness running through my head each Wednesday!! well at least what you’re responsible for. 🙂

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