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Exercise Wednesday: Tired

April 9, 2014

So this week has been kind of a bear. Work has bubbled over to make a mess all over the virtual stove top of life. It’s been kind of a grind, but there’s been plenty of it. And then there’s the hours outside of work. It’s been the kind of stretch where bed time comes and you haven’t had any fun at all, and you really wish you could fit in a little down time.

Then morning comes and your first words imply that someone’s mom wasn’t a very nice person.

It’s been the kind of stretch where your body may get rest, but your soul feels like it’s in a continual boxing match with a muscular octopus.

Well, guess what? If you feel it when things get tough, there’s a good chance your character feels it, too. So today’s exercise invites you to take advantage of your exhaustion.

What’s that, you say? Life isn’t that hard right now.

Well thanks for sharing that. And bookmark this page and come back when you aren’t so lucky.

For the rest of us, the answer is simple. Your protagonist wakes up and realizes that the same crap will happen today as happened yesterday and will happen tomorrow. And then gets out of bed anyway.

Time limit: 30 minutes. Unless you’re really tired.


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