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Exercise Wednesday: It all started with a salad

April 30, 2014

It’s a common Internet meme and saying…Alcohol, because no good story ever started with someone eating a salad.

Well guess what? You’re in a dry part of the Internet now…a part where there is no alcohol to start off your good story. If you doubt me, just check with the sheriff here…

You don’t want to cross him.

So today, you can’t lean on the crutch of alcohol to start a good story. Today, it starts with a salad.

That’s it. There’s a salad. Maybe it’s on the table in front of you. Maybe it’s in the display case at your local supermarket. Or perhaps it’s spawled on the floor a testament to someone’s clumsiness, anger, or insatiable animal lust. (Honey mustard…kinky…) Maybe the salad is a prize in the perfect salad competition at the state fair. Or maybe it’s a disappointment, a meal delivered to someone who craves cheesecake, but the diabetes won’t allow it.

Perhaps the salad represents something–a memory of a loved-one long passed. My grandmother used to make salads that were more artwork than side dish…and it seemed like there was always less than 50% lettuce.

Or perhaps the salad contains an engagement ring (good luck getting the raspberry vinaigrette out of the little crannies).

No matter what, your good story today begins with a salad.



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