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Get Ready for the Next Blogging U. Challenge: Writing 101

May 16, 2014

Have you ever heard the “you need to have a blog” mantra? It’s a big one in the online marketing world and I personally agree with it. Now, what you do with that blog or how often you write? Well, that one is up to you. I really don’t agree with being boxed in to a certain arbitrary number of posts that must be done.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, you might be wondering what to write about. What would your readers want? I think it’s a good idea to try and get a feel for that by visiting writing groups or asking your online followers, but that isn’t a hard rule and sometimes getting people to respond to such things is like pulling teeth. That’s why I like challenges like this or the A to Z challenge (google it! you’re welcome. 🙂 ) because they help you to get into the habit of writing and this one in particular gives you prompts that you can follow or develop some other idea off of them.

Not only that, you get the opportunity to connect with other bloggers and their audience. Most of these challenges end up having somewhere where you can see who is participating and check out their sites. After all, isn’t connecting with others what this whole thing is all about? If you decide to participate in this challenge, I’d love for you to share your blog link in the comments below so others can check out your posts.

Have you participated in a blogging challenge before? If so, how was your experience? Did you learn anything from it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, happy writing!

The Daily Post

Feeling a bit bereft now that Blogging 101 and 201 have wound down, or just looking for a way to cultivate good writing habits? Never fear, Writing 101 is here!

(Well, it will be here, starting June 2.)

Our next Blogging U. challenge moves away from the technical and design aspects of blogging to focus on your content. Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit is a write-every-day challenge designed to help you create a writing habit while publishing posts that mesh with your blog’s focus and push you a bit as a writer.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll post a new writing assignment just for Writing 101 each weekday in June here on The Daily Post. Assignments will publish at 10:00AM EST (14:00PM GMT).
  • There are no weekend assignments — you’re free to expand on a weekday post, write something unrelated, or (gasp!) spend some time away from your blog.
  • Each assignment includes…

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