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How weird news teaches us great storytelling

June 6, 2014

I know today’s post is a bit early, but I am up late tonight and came across this while checking my WordPress feed. How could I resist sharing?

How many times have you seen something completely insane in the news or even in real life and thought, “this is too weird, no one would ever believe it”? How often have you really looked to your muse to try and explain these strange happenings? To figure out why people do such completely insane things for no good reason? These are great ways to get ideas, sharpen your character creation skills, and try to gain a better understanding of people all at one.

Okay, that last one might be a tall order, but you get the idea! It’s all about learning to see things in a different way. To look at layers, explain the explainable. You just might get a story out of it.

So, what is the strangest idea you ever had? Have you ever had an experience yourself that you thought was so strange, there was no way anyone would believe it? Where do you usually go when in search of ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts. See you next time!

The Red Pen of Doom

Every day, there are real stories in the morning newspaper that make you snort coffee out your nose or choke on a blueberry muffin. Note: This is why journalists call such pieces “muffin chokers.”

Yet the daily weirdness is more than funny. If you dissect these stories, you can learn deep storytelling lessons from the shallow end of the journalism pool.

Here’s a real story that just happened in my state: Man steals RV from Wal-Mart parking lot, leads police on wild chase. Swerves into sleepy little town where he knocks cars into front yards and such, then blasts through a house and crashes. Runs out, strips down to his underwear and invades a home to steal girl clothes. Cops catch him and haul him off.

This is pretty typical of a weird news story, and not simply because it started in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart — and yeah…

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