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July 4, 2014

–by Su Gerheim, Collections Coordinator

Gerheim, Su 1Egads! What an exhilarating contest and thrilling record-breaking results. Within our 60 winning authors we will publish 30 first-time-in-the-Collection-book authors!

That’s right! Half of the winners are being published in our Collection book for the first time. Incredible! I’m so excited I cannot stop jumping up and down.

On top of that, FIVE of those authors were chosen by our Person of Renown, New York Times bestselling author Mary Burton, for her Top Ten Picks! Can you believe it? How great is THAT? I’d say it’s time for some giant celebrating going on all over Florida.

Here’s another blast that will tear your socks off – ROBERT HART, one of our winning authors again this year, is the ONLY contestant to win in all six of our Collection books. All this record breaking makes me want to dance in the rain like a five-year-old girl! Woohoo!

Here’s Mary Burton’s Top Ten Picks. If you know any of these authors, email a CONGRATULATIONS their way, or holler across the street! EHA! YIPPEE! GREAT JOB!

FWA Collection #6 – The First Step


Mary Burton’s Top Ten Picks

01. Karen Dillon, Wild Rose

02. Mark McWaters, Hunger Pangs

03. Micki Browning, Wreckage

04. Robert Alan, A Walk In The Park

05. Michael Goldcraft, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

06. Judy Harte, Lethal Injection

07. Ian Darling, High Flight

08. Frank T. Masi, Shadows of War

09. Charles Harris, My First Day on the Job

10. Catherine Giordano, Te Amo

Don’t stop celebrating yet! For the first time ever, we have three winning authors from our newest contest, FWA’S YOUTH COLLECTION, who will be published in Volume Six with our adult winners! Isn’t that marvelous!

Although the books won’t be physically available until they are unveiled at the conference, you can reserve your copy ahead of time. Check the shopping cart on the FWA website. The option to purchase copies ndividually or in multiples (special bulk rates) will be posted soon.

Don’t miss the Collections book signing the morning of Friday, October 24, at the Annual Florida Writers Conference.

Join me in congratulating all the winners in FWA’s Sixth Collection, a truly banner year.

  1. L. Dean Murphy permalink
    July 4, 2014 9:02 pm

    Su: Thank you for the wonderful wrap-up. There are a lot of first steps in … uh, The First Step.

    For the Youth Writers: You, too, have established some firsts. Congratulations on publication of your entries. You all have a special treat waiting for you at the Youth Writers Conference in October.☺

  2. July 5, 2014 9:50 am

    Su, Love your high energy style, I’m jumping up and down, too!

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