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Shy about sharing your work? How about a private professional critique?

July 6, 2014

Shy about sharing your work? How about a private professional critique?

One of the hardest things that you may ever have to do as a writer is to share your work. It looks great on your computer and as you read it to yourself, it sounds like an amazing story. That doesn’t always translate well when you go to sell it, which is why it’s important to get a critique.

There are many ways for you to go about such a thing. A common way is to join a critique group. These are found online as well as in many of the writer groups around the state. You share your work with a close group of people and they provide you with insight and critiques. Then, to be fair, you do the same thing for them.

However, you may be a little shy. It’s understandable. You don’t want people talking about your book in a group. Opening up and sharing a story that you have poured your heart and soul into is not easy by any standards.

A private, professional critique can be scheduled. This allows you to sit one-on-one with someone who has knowledge of your genre. He or she will have read excerpts from your book ahead of time and have a critique prepared for you. During this session, you can get valuable feedback about your story and your writing style – and ask some questions as well.

These critiques can be found in various places. For your convenience, they are available at the Florida Writer’s Conference in October for the low price of $40 – which is incredibly low in comparison to what you would find online.

Three critiquers can be found at the conference:

• Dr. Douglas Houck works with historical fiction, adult nonfiction, and virtually any adult genre. Dr. Houck has a bachelor’s in speech and communication and a master’s in public policy as well as a doctorate in English. He teaches English at Edison State College and Barry University.

Houck, Doug 2

• Dianne Ochiltree works with picture books, chapter books, and middle grade/YA novels. Diane is a children’s author and received the Florida Book Awards Bronze Medal for children’s literature in 2012.

Ochiltree, Diane

• Peter Gordon works with poetry. Peter’s own poems have been included in various collections and reviews. He is also the president of the Orlando Area Poets. You can read their bios as well as the bios of other presenters here.

Gordon_Peter_2014 headshot

Sign up now!

You can pay online

Deadline is September 15.


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