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Exercise Wednesday: You made a huge mistake

July 23, 2014

This week’s exercise is brought to you by spam. Not the miracle meat in a can; the kind that clogs up your email, allowing you the mirage of productivity as you find a few you can at least delete without reading.

In my inbox this morning, I received an email with the subject line You made a huge mistake. Of course, it was spam, but it got me thinking… What if your character got that email and it wasn’t spam? What if she received a phone call that consisted only of the words you made a huge mistake? What if he got a plain envelope in the mail and opened it to see only those words, cut from headlines in several magazines?

Two scenarios spring to mind. First, the recipient of the message has no idea what the mistake was, and therefore no idea what to do, if anything to fix it. Second, and maybe worse, they know exactly what the mistake was, and now someone else knows, too.

Either way, it’s a substantial challenge for your character.

Time limit: 20 minutes


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