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Sister Counties Score High in FWA’s 2014 Collection Winners!

July 28, 2014

– by Su Gerheim

Kudos to east central sister counties Seminole and Volusia! Seminole County scored the highest number of winning authors in FWA’s Collection #6 – The First Step. Of the sixty winners, nine of them live in Seminole county! Woohoo! And one of those nine made it to the top ten! Mark McWaters (WGL) ranked second in Mary Burton’s Top Ten Picks! Congratulations, Mark. The other eight Seminole winners are Dawn Bell, Fern Goodman, John Hope (WGL), Beda Kantarjian (WGL), Joan Levy (WGL), Olive Pollak, Kate Maier (writing as Katherine Starbird), and Tom Swartz (WGL). And look – there are five, count them, five Writers Group Leaders in that winning list as well.

Cake for FWA Blog Post

They celebrated with cake on their Tuesday night meeting. Way to go WINNING AUTHORS! Their sister county, Volusia, gathered the second highest number of winning authors, with eight! Kudos, Volusia County! And they, too, had a winning author hit Mary Burton’s Top Ten Picks. Congratulations to ninth-ranked Charles Harris! The other seven winning authors are Laura Andrews, William Dempsey, Barry Dimick, Walter Doherty, Bob Hart, Veronica Helen Hart (WGL), and Christine Holmes.

Some pretty focused writing must be going on in those two counties. Great work and CONGRATULATIONS to all the winning authors in this exciting Collection Contest year!


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