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Exercise Wednesday: That was really…different. Yeah…different.

August 13, 2014

It’s one of the fears everyone faces. You prepare for an important event in life…a big date or a family dinner or a massive demo or presentation at work. You go over every detail, every possible contingency, so you can have everything in place before the big event.

And then…reality strikes.

Your date takes a taste of dinner and stops chewing for a moment, then smiles and manages to swallow. Not wanting to hurt you, they say, “That was…different. It’s like nothing I’ve ever eaten before.”

Or maybe you sit through the dinner with the entire family at the restaurant you picked. And I don’t mean just the local family. I mean the ones who have to fly in, too. The restaurant’s been outstanding for the bazillion times you’ve been there. The service, food, ambience–all unbelievable. And they are tonight, too. Just not in a good way.

And the presentation at work? The projector’s broken, then you can’t get an internet connection and then the thing that’s supposed to work doesn’t and you’re left with a lousy Powerpoint file.

Today, you get to visit your horror stories on a fictional character. How does this disaster unwind? How do the people around them react? How do they react? And what’s the result of the whole thing? Is there a second date? Does the family place your restaurant in the pantheon of family disaster along side that time Uncle Lew decided it would be fun to propel the kids’ wagon with the gas-powered leaf blower? Does your presenter get fired?

Time limit: 25 minutes

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