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Six Reasons to Attend the Royal Palm Literary Awards Banquet

August 17, 2014

Maybe you’re not a finalist. Maybe you didn’t even enter the contest. Still, there are six reasons you’ll want to attend FWA’s Royal Palm Literary Awards Banquet October 25, 2014, at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary.

The first is that the Banquet is covered by your registration fee for the Florida Writers Annual Conference, arguably one of the nation’s most comprehensive writing conferences. The other reasons are…well, before we get into them, let’s pull a page from the conference FAQs to see what we’re talking about.

What is the Royal Palm Literary Award competition?

Each year, FWA holds a writing competition, and the winners are announced for the first time at the conference on Saturday night during the Awards Banquet. Submissions to the competition are based on genre, and the competition is open to all FWA members. Complete information can be found on the FWA website.

Is there a separate charge for the Banquet?

Not if you’re a registered conference attendee with either a full conference or a Saturday-only registration. You may also bring a guest to the Banquet who is not registered for the conference. Banquet tickets are sold separately through the Registration Desk or online on FWA’s website. Seating is limited, so we advise you make your arrangements ahead of time.

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I didn’t even enter the RPLA. Why should I attend the Banquet?

It’s true the main focus of Saturday night at the conference is the Royal Palm Literary Award Competition and the winners of various awards. But it’s also a celebration of writing, and what better way to support your fellow writers than being there for them? Cheer them on when their information comes up on the finalist screen. Celebrate with them when their name is called for an award. Excite your muse vicariously! And, the Banquet is included with the Saturday conference registration price and also with the full conference registration price.

What is the dress code for the Banquet?

There is no required dress code. Many attendees wear formal attire, some wear semi-formal, and casual dress is fine. We want you to be comfortable and celebrate being a writer among fellow writers.

So now you’ve guessed the other reasons to come.

  • Inspiration.
  • Joy.
  • A sense of connection with our colleagues and industry.
  • Fun.

Six reasons, and no surprise. The conference theme, after all, is “Stars of Florida Writers: Discover the Limelight.” We’ll all be in the limelight.

Almost forgot. There’s a seventh: the food’s pretty good!

P.S. Although the RPLA competition is closed for entries for this year, judging is still underway, to wrap up in the next week or so.


The Conference

Stars of Florida Writers:

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October 23-26, 2014

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