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Exercise Wednesday: Cold. Damn cold.

August 20, 2014

IceWaterChallengeAs I write this, I’ve just taken the ALS Ice-Bucket challenge. I got a whole bag of ice and even put some salt in the water so it would be colder.

Why? Why am I so psycho about it?

I do something called Tough Mudder, which includes something called the Arctic Enema, which is a big honking dumpster full of ice water. You’re mission, if you choose to accept it, is to jump into the dumpster, wade forward to the board set at water level halfway through, go underneath, then get to the other side, where you can get out.

I can tell you what the experience is like, but I won’t because that’s today’s challenge. Pretend your character is doing something like that. The Ice-Bucket Challenge. The Arctic Enema. Plunging into icy cold water when the ice beneath them breaks. Falling into a dunking booth. Whatever.

What is that experience like? What’s it like to be plunged into icy-cold water? What does it feel like? Shock? Pins and needles? Abject panic?

If you don’t like extreme cold, you can use heat or any other sensation that forces you to describe what happens to your character.

Time limit: 25 minutes


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