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Exercise Wednesday: You. Next week. What happens?

October 15, 2014

Today’s exercise is more of a preparation for the conference, if you’re going. (And you should. It’s the best conference in the history of writer’s conferences.)

If you have an interview booked with a publisher or agent, it’s probably going to be nervous-making for you, right up to the time you hit your stride with him or her.

Today’s exercise isn’t so much a writing exercise as a visualization exercise. What’s going to happen when you sit down across the table from that person and how are you going to respond? What will you say for your pitch? What will they ask in return? What will your response be?

If you’ve never been there, it’s a scary prospect. If you’ve done it before…it’s probably still a scary prospect. After all, you’ve done all this work on this story with these people who’ve been in your head forever. It’s important for you.

That’s why it’s useful to think it through.

Uhh, this is a writing exercise…

Yes. Yes, it is. And the feelings you’ll have during that time are transferable to other times of great nervousness. So write the scene–or a similar one.

Time limit: 40 minutes

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