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Exercise Wednesday: Challenge Accepted

November 5, 2014

Last week, our exercise had your character forced into facing his or her greatest fear. This week, we’re in a bit different approach to the same outcome. This time, instead of being forced into facing a fear, they’re challenged into facing it. This isn’t being dumped into a room full of snakes. Rather, it’s being presented with a challenge and either deciding to face it, or to turn away–or something in between.

For me, last year, the challenge was to face the dreaded Electroshock Therapy–the last obstacle in Tough Mudder. The previous year, I had a bad exper…well, you can see for yourself…. (Some of those yellow wires have substantial electric charges in them. That’s why I fell down. Multiple times.)

I’m the guy who got his money’s worth. I wish I hadn’t. Last year, when I ran the same event, I was all but freaking out all the way through. As a result, we linked arms and went through. We got it done, but I’m not sure I would have done it without the team going through.

How does your character accept his or her challenge? Or do they run away?

Time limit: 30 minutes



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