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The Writing Life

November 7, 2014

Hello again! The fact that this blog post is later than normal just goes to show just how hectic this NaNoWriMo thing can be. We’ve discussed NaNoWriMo before on here, but CP Bialois and I had a chance to chat with our friend, Michelle Cornwell-Jordan, about our progress so far and how we survive this month-long challenge.


We also got the chance to talk a little bit about one of our favorite parts of the challenge: the chance to connect with other local writers. I can’t say enough about the value of getting together with like-minded people to support each other in a common goal. So often, we writers are alone in our work. We sit at the computer alone. Sometimes the people we are closest to don’t really understand our path and look at professional writers as not having a “real” job. This challenge gives us a chance to meet with people who know just how hard this writing thing can be. The hours of slaving over a first draft. The agony of seeing a sea of red after your editor gets done with the manuscript. Not to mention all the time we put into marketing and other related tasks.


Did you enjoy these tips? Are you a part of NaNo or a critique group? If so, I would love to hear about what this challenge or a group has done for you, not only on the page, but personally.

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