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Exercise Wednesday: What Kate (or Ted or Jackie) did

December 10, 2014

Last week a character cheated.

Cheating always results in something that came next. Today is what comes next.

The stereotypical response is anger–rage. A lover scorned. Key-scratched cars. Public call-outs. A summons from the best divorce lawyer in town. An elaborate ruse to make people thing the wronged party is dead and your character did it. (Wait, I think that one’s been done.)

But as writers, we need to reach beyond the stereotypes. Maybe it’s not the key scratching or the immediate call to the divorce attorney. Maybe it’s a realization that the entire thing is broken and it’s time to end, or to fix it. Maybe it’s getting even by finding a way to hurt him more than he hurt you. Maybe it’s retreating from her even further than you already did.

Or maybe it’s creative use of spraypaint, a blunt instrument, or well-placed hints of a non-sexual indiscretion.

Time limit: 40 minutes

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