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Exercise Wednesday: The hug

December 17, 2014

Have you ever had a hug that’s like a cool bottle of water on a hot day? An embrace, either expected or not, that makes the walls you worked so carefully to construct, crumble into dust the instant the arms wrap around you.

Have you ever placed your head one someone’s shoulder and felt like everything wrong pulled back from you and–at least for the moment–things were bearable?

Have you ever had your knees buckled when someone took you in their arms?

Today, your character will.

To make the hug work, you have to consider some things:

  • Why your character needs the hug.
  • Whether he or she is honest with people about the need.
  • The identity of the person providing the hug.
  • How the hugger knows the huggee needs the hug.
  • Whether the huggee fights against the hug and why he or she would do that.
  • What happens when the hug occurs.

As a bonus, maybe you can work the hug into the previous exercises about cheating.

Time limit: 30 minutes


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