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Exercise Wednesday: Best Christmas* Ever

December 24, 2014

First of all, this blog respects all writers, so if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then please substitute the gift-giving event of your choice. If you do, however, then Merry Christmas. For the rest of you enjoy Boxing Day, Wrestling Day, New Year’e Eve, Kwanzaa, Festivus, and Nicholas Sparks’ birthday.

The biggest, most memorable part of gift-giving is…wait for it…the gift. Today’s exercise is about gift-giving, specifically, the best gift-giving event in your character’s life. As my gift to you, you have two options in completing today’s challenge:

  • Your character cannot be the person who receives the gift, or…
  • The gift cannot be a tangible thing. It can’t be anything physical that you can touch, buy, sell, process, or repair. Your character can give, receive, or observe the gift.

Either way, it’s a twist on the gift. It’s not something, not a specific thing that your character receives. Or it can be a thing, but your character can’t receive it.

May your work on this exercise be your challenge to us.

Time limit: 20 minutes

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