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Lessons learnt from an old unfinished play

January 12, 2015

Good morning, everyone! I hope the first full week of 2015 treated you all well! I thought I would share this one today because it’s got some great points about storytelling. Plus, how many of us have some old WIPs like this lying around? lol. As this author points out, though, these old works can teach you a lot. If you have an old manuscript lying around, I encourage you to dig it out of the closet (or wherever else you’ve hidden it) and see what you might learn.

Welcome to My Magick Theatre

FYI: The Mikhaila of this play is “the real Mikhaila” to whose memory I dedicated You Cannot Kill a Swan.


I began this embarrassing unfinished play the day before my 16th birthday, and worked on it until the last day of 1995. I knew I still had it, but I hadn’t looked at it in years. Am I ever embarrassed I typed this up and shared it with my Creative Writing Club. My mother was gobsmacked when I told her this, since that meant I showed it to the university student in charge of the group. She refused to believe my friend was being honest when she’d said she really liked it. My mother was also beyond horrified by the title, and called it “this horrible play” to my father. Based just on the title, not by looking at the actual content. As an adult, I admit “Forever Thirteen” would’ve been…

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