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Exercise Wednesday: Out of context

January 14, 2015

Once, while I was on the jogging path, a couple people on bikes passed me–a man and a woman–just as the woman said, “Yeah, I’ve had to take the walk of shame.” If you’re unfamiliar with the walk of shame, click here. There was a long, pregnant pause before she continued, “I’ve had my bike break down and had to walk it all the way back home.”

I was glad she said that because otherwise I’d have to sprint to keep up and learn the rest of the story. Most people don’t loudly admit to the traditional walk of shame on a bike path when the ride past strangers.

Today’s exercise is a variance on that theme. Write a story in which the protagonist says or hears something out of context that causes an emotional reaction.

You might consider starting with the statement and working from there. Or whatever else comes to mind.

Time limit: 30 minutes


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