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I’ve Never Been in a Fight, So What Do I Write?

January 30, 2015

By Shannon Bell

Bell, ShannonLet’s be realistic. How many of us have really ever gotten into a fight before? I mean a head, honest-to-goodness, to-the-death fight? Probably not many. This means that, as writers, we don’t have a lot of firsthand information to go on. Sure, we can watch movies to see hand-to-hand combat and how a Hollywood actor handles a gun. But that isn’t real life.

On February 14, FWA is hosting the second annual “A Day at the Bay” Mini Conference at the Hilton Tampa Westshore. One of two tracks will be dedicated to Writing about Fighting. Three experts will present workshops on hand-to-hand combat, the use of guns, as well as other weapons, and disseminating a crime scene.

“Everyone needs to know how to handle a gun,” says Jon Bell, one of the day’s presenters and a Master Sergeant with the United States Air Force. “I have read too many books that describe gun use all wrong and it takes me out of the story.”

You don’t want your writing to be inaccurate. Even if there’s only one fight scene or one scene where a gun is drawn, accuracy is critical.

This Valentine’s Day, attend the workshop that can change the way you write fight scenes. Your work can become more believable and this will hook readers faster.

Holding A Stopwatch

The workshop is $79 for FWA members and $99 for non-members. Registration begins at 8:30 am and the last raffle drawing is at 4:30 pm. Since its Valentine’s Day, there are also some incredible restaurants in the neighboring area where you can take your valentine to bring in some romance to tone down all of the fighting you have been learning about.

Sign up for the workshop today while space is still available! More details can be found at

P.S The other track of the day is Romance. Perfect, don’t you think?

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