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Guest Blogging

Guest bloggers are encouraged. This blog is a service of the Florida Writers Association for the primary benefit of its members. One benefit is the ability to get yourself seen by the people who read this blog (more than 100,000 hits since its inception).

The rules are simple:

  1. You must be a member of the Florida Writers Association or providing an FWA service to guest blog.
  2. The topic of your post must be of general interest to the writing community. It cannot be a post pitching your book, website, or product. If you want to work in a mention of your stuff in the context of something that would interest the writing community, that’s acceptable.
  3. Although we sometimes deal with adult subjects, the content of this blog is PG or PG-13 rated. Explicit material will not be posted.
  4. Your post must be your property. We don’t have time to scour the Internet to make sure everything’s original, so we’re assuming it is. If you plagiarize, that’s on you.
  5. Your post must be submitted in both Word and plain-text format. (Use the Save As option, then when the Save As window appears, go to the field below the one where you name the file and select Plain text (*.txt).)
  6. Your post should be final and ready to go. Please handle all proofreading, fact-checking, and editorial issues before submitting it.
  7. All graphics must be included and must be in gif or jpg format.
  8. Decisions of the editorial staff are final.
  9. Feel free to include a paragraph about yourself with a link to your website. After all, if you wrote something for us, you deserve a little online love.

Click this link, send your stuff, and we’ll go from there. The staff is me and…well, me. If it takes a few days for me to get back to you, it just means that trivial stuff like work, family, sleep, and the like are getting in the way.


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